EL JEFE is a Free situational awareness tool that can drastically reduce the costs for securing your enterprise by making locating and responding to advanced threats incredibly easy. Many commercial solutions in this space collect your data and send it off-premise to their own servers, where they can look for Indicators of Compromise. EL JEFE leaves your data in your systems, or allows you to choose a provider for analysis that offers specific value.

EL JEFE focuses situational awareness by looking at what processes are started on your machine, and gathering that data for your entire Enterprise in a database. A web front end and data-parsing tools are provided for that database, which allow you to visualize and analyze everything happening under your control.

The EL JEFE agent is reliable, and low-impact. Because it uses WMI to instrument the machine, rather than hooking inside the kernel, there is no chance of bluescreens due to subtle driver incompatibilities, unlike other solutions.